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Always Prepared

  • Inbound Call Handling  -- We triage and handle all your inbound patient telephone calls and handle the call appropriately or find the appropriate resource for the patient

  • Appointment Scheduling -- We work closely with your practice to determine the best appointment template and train our Patient Service Representatives in your style of scheduling.  Our PSRs follow your scheduling preferences to ensure your schedule is the way that you want it!

  • Insurance Eligibility/Demographic Entry -- We collect all the pertinent information about the patient to ensure they are ready for their appointment in your office.  We run the insurance eligibility for the patient to ensure that correct billing information is entered into the system.  

  • Medical Advice -- We develop a protocol with your office to ensure we are providing only supported and approved medical advice.  In the event that our PSRs are unable to handle a medical inquiry, we reach out to your staff to get the patient in touch with someone that can answer their questions appropriately and correctly.

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