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You can count on Chesapeake Practice Management to not only meet, but exceed all your needs and requests. Learn more about the services we provide below, and let us know if you’d like more information about specific pricing.  These are our standard rate pricing and may decrease or increase based on your practice's specific needs.


Nurse Practitioner - 

Estimated $0 – $75,000 Collections -                         6.9%

Estimated $75,001 - $125,000 Collections -                    6.5%

Estimated $100,001+ Collections -                                   5.9%

Over $200,000 Collections -                                    Contact Us


Estimated $0 - $75,000 Collections                6.5%

Estimated $75,001 – $125,000 Collections      6.0%

Estimated $125,001+ Collections                   5.5%

Over $200,000       Contact Us

Therapist/Chiro/PT/Etc - 

Estimated $0 – $50,000 Collections -                         7.5%

Estimated $50,001 - $100,000 Collections -   7.0%

Over $100,001 -       Contact Us

  • Verify electronic billing submitted by client, add appropriate modifiers, select appropriate place of service codes select appropriate insurance within 48 hours of receipt of electronic billing

  • Submit billing electronically or via paper means to insurance, government entities within 48 hours of receipt

  • Reconcile clearinghouse rejections with patient or provider as appropriate

  • Reconcile claim denials with patient or provider as appropriate

  • Reconcile outstanding claim accounts receivable older than 60 days from clean claim submission

  • Contact patient to reconcile account deficiencies when it pertains to insurance claim

  • Reconcile received EOBs/ERAs and accurately post to patient account

  • Send patient statements via email/text at no cost weekly for patient balances

  • Send patient statements via USPS at $1.00 per statement (Initial 50 statements included at no cost)

  • Handle all inbound patient inquiries pertaining to billing via telephone or email

  • Submit claim reconsideration requests, requests for additional information, and appeals to insurance companies to overturn denials or when requested by insurance company

  • Provide dedicated inbound telephone number for patients


Non-Dedicated VA - Billed per FTE

1-2 Days Per Week - $150/day

3-4 Days Per Week - $135/day

5 Days Per Week - $125/day

1/2 Day - $80 per 4 hour block

Night/Weekend Surcharge - Additional $2.00/hr after 5pm or Saturday/Sunday hours

Dedicated VA - Billed per FTE

Full-Time Only - $180/day

Night/Weekend Surcharge - Additional $2.00/hr after 5pm or Saturday/Sunday hours

  • Ensure eligibility check is performed within the PM/EHR system, if capabale

  • Telephone reminder calls, if desired 

  • Appointment Scheduling within your own PM/EHR system

  • Patient Demographic Reconciliation 

  • Sending & Filing Patient Registration Forms 

  • Medicaid Authorizations included at no additional cost 

  • Inbound Telephone Call Handling, dedicated line 

  • Inbound Email Handling, integration with client existing email account 

  • Inbound Voicemail Handling 

  • Collection of outstanding balance prior to scheduling visit

  • Provider schedule management

  • Complete Administrative Handling of Waitlists 

  • Other Administrative Duties as Required


Only Available to Billing Clients

$120 per Insurance per Provider

Bulk Discounts Available

  • Complete credentialing applications via paper or electronic means as appropriate

  • Submit and verify receipt of credentialing application to designated health plans

  • Follow up on applications with designated health plans

  • Document receipt of requested information by designated health plans

  • Conduct follow-up activities, document acceptance, or rejections

  • Provide client with approvals or denials

  • Provide monthly credentialing updates to client


1x Line (No Fax, No International)                                   $25 per line

1x Line (Digital Fax, Local International)                             $40 per line

*Desktop telephone surcharge if needed -  $5.00

  • Provide VOIP telephone service to client

  • Provide VOIP compatible telephone to client (with appropriate package subscription)

  • Provide VOIP Digital app for client to receive incoming, make outgoing calls from iOS or Android device

  • Provide dedicated inbound telephone number per line & per practice

  • Provide eFax service for inbound/outbound faxing (with appropriate package subscription)

  • Provide text message enabled telephone number

  • Provide voicemail transcription service

  • Program Automated Attendant call handling, hours of operations, automated greetings

  • Program call queues for inbound calling

  • Program call distribution for efficient call handling

  • Program group mailboxes for multiple users

  • Enable/Disable Call recording features

  • Provide telephone reports when requested by client (# of calls made, call histories, etc)


$2,000 per $50k in Revenue

  • Bill Pay Management

  • Payroll Management

  • Manage banking

  • New Hire Paperwork

  • Supply Ordering/Restock

  • General Consulting Services

  • New Hire Training

  • Contracts Management

  • Setup new 1099 contractors

  • Manage services contracts

  • Maintain Facility agreements and upkeep

  • Maintain IT services

  • Maintain access control

  • Maintain Telephone System

  • Manage Quickbooks (Setup Bookkeeper)

  • Credentialing Services Included

  • Hire New Employees Based on Need

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